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Karavali Ayurvedic Medical College and research centre established under the aegis of the G R EDUCATION TRUST is located at Neermarga campus, Mangalore, Karnataka. Karavali Ayurvedic Medical College and Research Centre is a self financing institution, engaged in the practice and propagation of Ayurveda, one of the oldest and holistic health care systems of India.

Ayurveda, as most Indians know, involves the use of natural remedies to propagate healing and a healthy balanced life. The college is backed by state of the art facilities, including a 60 bedded hospital, which offers treatments at the minimum costs. The college is being initiated as a part of our endeavour to make cost effective and healthy alternative medicine like Ayurveda, available for all.

Vision and Mission

We aim at developing students with highest quality of principles of Ayurveda. We always make every effort to provide excellent teaching through innovative research thus it can convene the requirement of nation in inventing new medicine.

Scope of research in Ayurveda has expanded significantly in recent years owing to its overwhelming demand. Clinical research in Ayurveda can certainly open up new arenas of intervention. The potentiality of Ayurveda needs critical exploration and exhibition in terms of time bound research programs with duly feasible studies.

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Sri. S. Ganesh Rao
Founder Chairman

Message From Chairman's Desk

In the modern era, people are more health conscious and ensure their efforts to maintain and upgrade health status.Ayurveda, the Indian Science of Life brings natures own gift for rejuvenation and revitalization.

Ayurveda is not only a Medical Science, but also a way of healthy Living.Apart from prescribing treatment to various chronic and complex diseases,Ayurveda also emphasize on ideal method ofb healthy living.

Ayurveda is becoming increasingly popular in education, research and health care circles. Over the years there has been phenomenal growth of Ayurveda in all its spheres. Similarly Yoga is a Science of Human for Physical,Mental,Moral,Intellectual and spiritual well – being and for leading a healthy life.

There is an emerging demand for natural medicines and process of Globalization of Ayurveda is definitely appreciable.

Excellence in education is the driving principle at our colleges. No effort is spread in providing students

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About Karavali Group of Colleges

Established in the year 1996, Karavali Group of Colleges is one of the fastest growing institutions in the field of professional education. Since inception, the Karavali Colleges have witnessed unprecedented expansion by successfully adding more and more new courses which provide excellent career opportunities.

The outstanding academic performance of the college is evident from the fact that it has been scoring almost 100% results in the final year examinations of all its courses over the last ten years, bagging continuous series of university ranks and an unprecedented 100% placement record in India and abroad.

Due to its high standards, comprehensive facilities and reputation for excellence, the colleges today attract students from all over India and foreign countries like Uganda, Maldives, Dubai, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Iran, Bangladesh, Kenya, Sudan, Tibet and Kuwait.

About G.R. Education Trust

Karavali Group of Colleges is sponsored and managed by G. R. Education Trust (R.), a premier educational institution. Since its inception in 1996, the activities of the Trust have been spearheaded by its Founder Chairman, Mr. Ganesh S. Rao, a young entrepreneur, educationist and a well known personality. His able, efficient and dynamic leadership has won widespread appreciation and he is a recipient of several national and international awards given in recognition of his extraordinary service in the field of education, especially in untapped professional areas